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Below you will see a set of questions. Please press the record button under each question to record your video response. If you are using a mobile device, please hold the device landscape so that we get a better ratio for use on social media.

Please could you introduce yourself?

Please record a short, general intro. What is your name, and your firm name (if applicable)? Which jurisdictions do you serve? Perhaps say a little about your professional background, expertise and experience.

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What are some key features of your service offering?

Regarding your specialist/profiled practice area: what are the core services and solutions you provide? Does your jurisdiction have any unique requirements, complexities or regulations to consider?

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What is your biggest achievement?

Please say a little about your professional accomplishments. This could be a notable case study that was a landmark victory or had a high value attached to it, or a precedent-setting piece of work you were involved in.

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