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Corporate Services Provider in Albania

posted 1 year ago


Albania today offers a friendly legal framework as far as foreign investments are concerned. In order to absorb these investments, the Albanian parliament has since 1993 approved the “Foreign Investments” law, constantly improving it. This law is based on the principles of equality, non-discrimination and investor protection. In general, this law has established some principles and legal guarantees for any foreigner who wants to come to invest and open a business in Albania.

In this way, the following facilities are created for every foreigner:

  1. There is no need for prior authorization for any foreigners who wish to open a business in Albania.
  2. A company, with the participation of foreign investments, has the right to employ foreign citizens.
  3. Investors are treated in conditions no less favorable than those provided for local investments in similar circumstances, except for land ownership, which is regulated by a special law.
  4. In any case, foreign investments have no less favorable treatment than that provided by the generally accepted norms of international law.
  5. 100% foreign ownership in an enterprise is possible.
  6. Foreign investors have the right to repatriate all funds and contributions in nature of their investments.
  7. Private property and investments are protected by law from expropriation, or from measures with a similar effect, except for cases when the expropriation is carried out for a public purpose.
  8. The main goal is to increase domestic and foreign strategic investments, in the sectors of the economy considered as strategic sectors, through the establishment of special administrative procedures favoring, facilitating or accelerating support and services to investors.
  9. There are written selection criteria that are followed by the responsible lines to initiate a project, to benefit from the status “Project with strategic potential”. On the other hand, it is the investor himself or the investment subject who proposes to benefit from the status “Investor/strategic investment assisted procedure”, “Investor/strategic investment special procedure”.
  10. In all cases and at all times, investments have equal and impartial treatment, they enjoy full protection and security.


Every foreigner who goes to another country and a business or company needs to have an excellent business lawyer who has the right knowledge and skills in the business field to give security and legal guarantees to his investment. An excellent business lawyer whether in the field of Business Law, Tax Law, Commercial Litigation or Corporate Law will easily understand that the passion and success of the investor or a foreign company cannot be understood without guaranteeing the necessary legal, technical infrastructure and administrative in accordance with the legislation of the host country.

As lawyers who handle business matters professionally, we help not only to improve people’s lives but also their business. When we remember this achievement and high professional expertise that we have achieved through graduating from the best universities in the world by working with passion for what we do, we can help that small business become a national or global brand, because today nothing is impossible.

An excellent business lawyer-Business Law is in partnership with his clients.

The attorney-client relationship is just that: a service relationship. If it is not so, then what can it be?! We are aware and work hard for their representation with the highest professional standards, giving meaning to the well-known binomial that our client’s success is also our success. When a small business grows because you’ve helped them make smart decisions, then you’ve secured a customer as a valuable asset for life.


Frashëri Law Firm | SFAI Albania leads a legal team with national and international reputation. Since 2004, Albanian citizens, foreign nationals, several Albanian non-profit organizations & VIP business companies and government officials have relied on the firm’s legal services. The firm has a culture of excellence and lawyers take pride in the quality of their legal and practice work. Ensuring the rights of their clients while maintaining the integrity of the Albanian legal system is what their firm’s lawyers strive to achieve every day. 

The firm’s legal team offers services in several foreign languages and reflects the importance we place on detail in providing legal services. Their team offers personalized service tailored to their clients’ needs and guarantees complete confidentiality. Transparency, respect, high moral and professional integrity and punctuality are all part of their culture that make the difference. 

The Frashëri Law Firm | SFAI Albania was created as a revolutionary model for the Albanian market: to serve as a one-stop office, with multiple services under one roof, for easy company incorporation and enhanced business support services that entrepreneurs and SMEs require, and for services in other law practices. 

Also, the Frashëri Law Firm now offers an even wider range of business formations or Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Golden Visa Services (Albania Version) as Special Citizenship Programs), for Resident & Work Permit & Visa Services, as well as for those looking to get permanent offices in Tirana and actively trade on land, for free. Free Zone & Offshore company setup options along with banking, B2B, legal assistance and PRO services. 

The Frashëri Law Firm exercises its judicial practice in a variety of legal matters such as in the field of Immigration Law, Family Law, Business Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, Civil and Administrative Law, Labor Law, Public Procurement Law, Business Formation, etc. 


The Frashëri Law Firm offers you the best specialist advice and solutions through their experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the current market and have successfully met the client’s business establishment requirements with ease. They work closely with their clients and partners throughout the business establishment and registration process, acting as a solution partner for all additional services you may need immediately or in the future. Frashëri Law Firm’s expertise has led to the highest renewal rate and a surprisingly better referral frequency. The Frashëri Law Firm is being evaluated every day for its profile and services by internationals as one of the best law firms in Albania. 

We are a one-stop office for all clients’ needs related to corporate services in Albania and mutually benefit you as well as your clients in a seamless experience. Contact us for more information on our services and our Core Competencies on Corporate Services, and how you can easily manage your investments in Albania.


The value that we provides our clients, extends beyond affordable pricing plans, including packages with business center services and a number of premium support services. For SMEs and entrepreneurs, this helps reduce overheads like rent, design services and time spent arranging all activities.


The Frashëri Law Firm | SFAI Albania makes the process of setting up a business in Albania extremely simple in an efficient and cost-effective way. This gives their clients time to focus on organizing their business, rather than the legalities of their business. At Frashëri Law Firm, they regularly deal with all business, civil, administrative, labor relations and immigration matters per month, so we get the process done faster with accuracy. 

The Frashëri Law Firm, with its professional services offered in domestic and international law, has more and more attracted the attention of interested parties inside and outside Albania as a reliable partner you can rely on for its expertise. Frashëri Law Firm is part of SFAI GLOBAL, an international network of legal professionals with more than 14,000 people in 115 countries, offering professional services in the field of tax law, audit and accounting with ISA and IAASB standards. 

The Frashëri Law Firm is the first and only law office in Albania that offers services through Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the handling of client documentation. Thanks to the exclusive ownership of the Artificial Intelligence Platform in the Legal Profession from Luminance, UK, its clients save 85% of the operational time you would need available and you will save up to 80% of financial costs in money. 

With the right qualifications and professional experience, so far Frashëri Law Firm has been appreciated by several prestigious international institutions which have trusted them to represent them in Albania, thus offering their exclusivity.


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