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Athira Pharma Investor Alert: Goldman Scarlato & Penny Investor Rights Lawyers Evaluate Potential Individual, Non-Class Action Claims on Behalf of ATHA Investors

posted 2 years ago

The investor rights attorneys at Goldman Scarlato & Penny, PC law firm (“GSP”) are evaluating potential claims for compensation on behalf of investors who purchased Athira Phrama (Nasdaq: ATHA) shares either in its initial public offering (“IPO”) or its private placements and suffered losses. The GSP attorneys plan to primarily seek compensation for Athira investors individually, rather than in a class action. Each investor’s situation must be individually evaluated before representation is offered. Not all investors may qualify for individual representation.

Athira Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2011, with a declared focus on drugs targeting neurological diseases. In September 2020, Athira Pharma published a Prospectus offering 12,000,000 shares approved for listing on Nasdaq at $17 per share.

In June 2021, Athira Pharma announced placing its CEO Leen Kawas on temporary leave pending investigation into Dr. Kawas’s doctoral research conducted while at Washington State University. Reports indicate the investigation concerns alleged use of manipulated images in several papers authored by Athira’s former CEO. The announcement caused a price decline, closing at $11.15 on June 18, 2021. As of June 6, 2021 the price per share is $10.84.

ATHA Investors May Be Able to Pursue Individual Claims

Investor rights attorneys Alan Rosca and Paul Scarlato have been investigating certain alleged misrepresentations and omissions by Athira Pharma in connection with its IPO or private placements, and are preparing to take action on behalf of some of the ATHA investors and seek compensation for their losses, separately from any pending class action. Investors in Athira Pharma interested in filing individual claims may contact attorneys Rosca or Scarlato for a free, no-obligation evaluation of their options at +1 888-998-0530, [email protected] or by leaving a message on

The GSP investor rights attorneys have decades of combined experience representing investors who lost money as a result of investment misconduct. They take most cases of this type on a contingency fee basis and advance the case costs. There are no fees or costs if no recovery.

Visit for more information about the firm and GSP attorneys’ background and admissions to practice law. This release may be deemed to include Attorney Advertising. There has been no finding of liability as to the allegations herein.


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