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Simon van Zijll

Simon van Zijll

  • Firm: Forsyte Advocaten
  • Practice Area: Investment Arbitration
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Vredehofweg 70,, 3062ES, Rotterdam, Postbus 4004.

About Simon van Zijll

Simon van Zijll has been working in the legal profession since 2003, in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2007 he started as a lawyer at NautaDutilh, where he worked in the corporate/M&A practice. Here he worked on major acquisitions and contracts in the field of energy law. He also worked in the arbitration law practice, where he was involved in international arbitration proceedings and court proceedings. During his career at NautaDutilh, he participated in one of the largest investment arbitration cases of that time, a procedure for a Dutch investor against the Republic of Poland on the basis of the bilateral investment protection treaty. Simon then continued his career as a partner at Yuen Law Firm: a niche firm focused on the activities of Chinese companies in the Dutch and International market. He further specialized in cross-border business, state-owned enterprises, investments, takeovers, IP law and cross-border proceedings and conflicts. In 2013, Simon founded Forsyte Advocaten. A no-nonsense office with a strong focus on litigating in business disputes.
Simon is very analytical with an eye for the bigger picture. He therefore does not work according to a fixed pattern, but approaches every case and every procedure as a unique whole, so that he always manages to stay one step ahead of his opponent in a creative way. As a corporate law attorney, he also not only has an eye for the legal side of a case, but also takes into account the economic impact of the dispute. With his in-depth knowledge of procedural law and an eye for the reputation of his client, he fights for the best possible outcome in every case.
Simon is a seasoned litigator with extensive experience within courts, tribunals and international tribunals. His passion lies in strategically unraveling complex cases and playing out complicated procedures move by move. Simon is part of the small group of lawyers specialized in investment arbitration in the Netherlands and also has extensive expertise in, among other things, corporate law, procedural law and real estate law.

Q&A With Simon van Zijll


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