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Ruth Pearce

About Ruth Pearce

Hi, I’m Ruth Pearce, an expert in change management, award-winning coach, speaker, author, and trainer.

The one constant in my life has been change…

I started my career as an Economist at a London Stockbroker but quickly discovered a knack for getting things done. I was the quintessential accidental project manager.

After 25 years project managing in Financial Services, State Government, and non-profits, I burned out spectacularly in 2016. I quickly realized it was time for a new direction and, having been a leader through many personal, professional and organizational changes in my career, I started exploring the world of coaching, training and speaking.

Although initially I was a 1:1 life and executive coach, I found my real passion when I started coaching and training groups and teams in the art and science of change. Having published a book on team building and change in 2018 and because of my new career, we moved from Western Massachusetts to North Carolina where we have been ever since.

Since that time, I have created five LinkedIn Learning courses, I have trained more than 175,000 people online and in person, including more than 60 new coaches, and coached clients through more than 500 hours of coaching. Those clients range from senior executives in Fortune 500 companies to solo-preneurs taking their businesses to the next phase of growth.  And, with the wonders of modern technology, my clients come from all around the world to work with me!

As a coach, trainer and speaker, I guide people to accept and embrace change. Together we take a journey that increases your influence and self-mastery, and transforms your perspective on change. We work on building hope, developing strengths, increasing bravery and on using curiosity to boost happiness and success.

My new book coming out in 2024 is all about these topics. Written for people who want to understand how coaching can help them embrace and implement transformations big and small,  Be Hopeful; Be Strong; Be Brave; Be Curious will be published by Wiley books in February 2024.

I love to help and serve, and I love to witness my clients grow! Let’s connect and see how we can make change together!

Q&A With Ruth Pearce


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