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Gill Walker has been living and breathing CRM since the early ’90s. Her first experience was developing a solution for call tracking when working on a support desk that had nothing other than paper – and not much of that! Then she wrote a Microsoft Access solution which ran her training business. This training expertise led to Gill being invited to lead the training team across Europe for Microsoft while they deployed Clarify and Siebel – before both of these solutions were swallowed by other vendors. This was followed by a few Clarify projects, which also brought her to Australia via Malaysia. Since 2002 she has dedicated herself to Microsoft CRM and now Microsoft Dynamics 365.  You will struggle to find anyone more passionate about CRM solutions, or experienced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 than Gill.
Since 2004 Gill Walker has been the face and the head of Opsis – the Sydney-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultancy experts, a boutique business consultancy.  Gill is the lead Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE consultant and will look after your project throughout.  Opsis’ sole focus is helping businesses get more clients, better cash flow and happier staff by successfully implementing CRM strategies and technology in whichever platform (CRM Online, or on-premises CRM or in a private cloud or data centre) is best for the business.
Since 2002, Gill has helped small businesses, corporates and government departments with their CRM challenges, ensuring that their CRM projects – both new implementations and improvements to existing solutions – achieve results.  Some implementations are simple – just some support as the out of the box solution delivers everything, or almost everything, that that the users require.  Others are more complex and required working with a larger team, including coders to create a larger solution.  However, every project includes scoping so the aims of the project are fully understood, that both user and management requirements are met and the users are trained.

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